Compression wear. Re-invented.

Compression wear. Re-invented.

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  December 17, 2014


For a generation, compression wear from SKINS has been scientifically proven to support and protect working muscles in active runners.

Over the years, they’ve taken general compression to new levels and developed Dynamic Gradient Compression, so the benefits of accelerated blood flow and oxygen delivery can be targeted more accurately and efficiently.

They’ve tested and re-tested to make sure SKINS’ compression wear supports muscle alignment that reduces the risk of injury.

They’ve established and re-established cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency when it comes to flushing away the build-up of muscle waste products, so you can increase the intensity of your workout.

And they’ve used scientifically enhanced fabrics to help speed up the recovery process and ease muscle soreness after tough sessions, so you’re ready to go again. Sooner.

At SKINS, they’ve broken new ground in compression wear science, so that you can break new thresholds in training and performance.

Ever since they launched in the naughty Nineties, they’ve adapted. Now, with 2015 fast approaching, they’re at it again. When the brand new SKINS A400 launches in February, it will transform their premium range by offering even more advanced benefits.

The new A400 incorporates ‘ADAPTIVE by HeiQ Dynamic Cooling’, which delivers moisture management properties triggered by body temperature. When it’s cool, the new A400 binds in moisture, to keep you feeling warm and dry, but when the temperature rises, stored moisture is released, allowing the body to cool down. It’s compression wear’s most advanced temperature management system. Ever.

Design enhancements make the new A400 more comfortable and more durable than ever before and when the sun makes its annual re-appearance (and we’re sure it will) the 50+ UV protection will give excellent security against those harmful rays.

The new A400 is out in February. SKINS have just reinvented the technology they invented.

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