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Christmas Gift Guide: Recovery

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  October 29, 2021

This year's perfect Christmas gifts for runners who need more recovery in their lives

Yes, we know. We all want world peace, safety for women runners everywhere, equal pay, some upper body strength and a lie-in for Christmas. But on the off-chance that they don’t happen by the end of December, we’ve made a list of some of the kit that makes us feel happy and empowered – which is definitely a Christmas gift worth giving or receiving.

Whether you’re shopping for the friend you know deserves some treats to help them with their post-run recovery, or earmarking some new kit for yourself, here’s are all the things on our Christmas list this year for running recovery…

1. OOFOS Women’s Original | £45

If you haven’t got a pair of these sandals yet, you should have a serious case of foamy FOMO by now. We could do the technical shizzle, but here are the facts in simple terms: these flippers are so squidgy that wearing them after a run means your muscles recover more quickly. MUCH more quickly.
Sizes 3-9

2. PURA COLLAGEN Flex+ | £39.99

Pura Collagen’s Flex+ is described as the ultimate joint rejuvenator and is the perfect gift for those who invest in good health. It is an essential for recovery, strength and mobility, containing only patented hydrolysed peptides to boost the body’s natural collagen production. This supplement can support the body’s entire connective tissue & fascia matrix. Flex+ is expertly engineered to promote healthy joints and tendons for increased mobility and physical performance.

3. RIIXO Ice Ball | £19.98

A bag of frozen peas is all very well, but you have to admit this neat little ice ball is much more handy for getting on sore muscles, much less messy to use and handy for taking out and about with you. Shove it in the freezer for a couple of hours and it will retain its brrr for six hours afterwards. Brrrilliant!

4. RUNK Cooling Foot Cream | £9.95

Are your feet Runk or just a bit rank? Sadly, runners’ feet tend to fall in the latter category, with broken and bruised toenails, athlete’s foot and just the inevitable trainer pong. Runk is a cooling foot cream made from peppermint, tea tree and green tea which will bring your feet back to life. I mean, this one’s a gift for all the family really, isn’t it?

5. TMR Runner Sweater | £42.99

It looks like a simple slogan but it’s not; for some women, it can take a long time to have the confidence to call themselves a runner. As the blurb on the website says, ‘This hoodie is dedicated to all the women who say ‘Yes, I run but… * (Insert as applicable – *Not very far, I’m slow, I’m always last, I’m rubbish’). Ladies, you ARE a Runner.’ We couldn’t agree more, so get yourself a Runner hoodie this Christmas and wear it with pride! You can get 20% off with exclusive code: WOMENSRUNNING20

6. NUTRIBUDDY Pure | £13.99

Shake it up baby. This plant-based shake is made with 100% wholefoods and 0% additives. With dates, ginger and wild blueberries for fl avour, quaff a shake for energy before a run or recovery afterwards and you’ll stay full and fuelled for longer thanks to the fibre, protein and slow-release carbs.

7. RUNK Runner’s Bath Salts | £9.95

This present comes with strict instructions. Ready? Unwrap quietly, back out of the lounge, run upstairs, lock yourself in the bathroom and wallow for hours in the hot water and salty goodness. Your achy legs will thank you for it.

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