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Christmas Gift Guide: Beginner Runners

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  October 29, 2021

This year's perfect Christmas gifts for new runners

Yes, we know. We all want world peace, safety for women runners everywhere, equal pay, some upper body strength and a lie-in for Christmas. But on the off-chance that they don’t happen by the end of December, we’ve made a list of some of the kit that makes us feel happy and empowered – which is definitely a Christmas gift worth giving or receiving.

Whether you’re shopping for your friend who is new to running, or earmarking some new kit for yourself, here are all the things on our Christmas list this year for beginner runners…

1.  WOMEN’S RUNNING Subscription | £39.99

Of course the very best Christmas present you could buy yourself or a running buddy is a membership to the very best running magazine in the whole world… this one! Right now, if you sign up to a year’s membership, you receive a free Zerofit base layer worth £40. What’s not to love?

2. LUCY LOCKET LOVES Floral Skull Active Leggings | £33

Get the gift of niggle-free running this Christmas. First, no wriggle on the waistband. Tick. Second, sweat wicks away from your pins quickly. Ace. Third, they come in Floral Skull design. Rock on. And finally, there’s a large (yes, large) zipped (yes, zipped) pocket at the back which holds even the chunkiest of iPhones. Not an iPad, though. Don’t be silly.
Sizes 6-26

3. MISSION High Performance Tea Blend | From 32p per serving

*Stocking-filler-no-brainer klaxon* Mission tea is a brew that is designed to replace energy drinks and coffee. Championed by elites and norms alike – the ambassador list is a roll call of top GB athletes – it creates a slow release of energy rather than the heady peaks and troughs you get from some energy products. Choose from blends that enhance performance, hydration and recovery. You can get an exclusive 20% off your first order with this Women’s Running code: WR2021.

4. BEARHUG Knee Support | £19.99

Fancy a cwtch this Christmas? The BearHug knee support is made from bamboo so it’s cosy but breathable. The compression it provides increases blood fl ow to the knee and helps muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue repair more quickly, as well easing pain and infl ammation. As Granny used to say, not all gifts have to be glam…
Sizes S-XXL

5. BRIDGEDALE Trail RUN Ultralight T2 Merino Sport | £13.50

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a beginner runner in possession of a new pair of trainers must be in want of some good socks. Fear not, dear reader, we have just the thing. These Bridgedale beauties are made specifi cally for women and have targeted heel, ankle and ball of foot cushioning and they are made of miraculous Merino wool.
Sizes 3-8.5

6. RED BEAR Sports Christmas Jumper Running Tops | £26

Christmassy clothes are a bit like sprouts; you either love them or you hate them. Well, we have a fix. These festive running tops fall on the right side of festive fashion and they’re also breathable and moisture-wicking so a winner all round. Treat yourself so you can wear it all through December.
Sizes 8-18

7. SUPERNOVA Life Blend – Woman 01 £35

Along with Champagne (obvs), put Supernova on your list this Xmas. It tastes of chocolate but this much-loved blended drink is actually packed with protein from brown rice and fermented peas as well as excellently-named adaptogens such as maca, ashwagandha, wild chaga and camu camu. Advocates talk of better skin, more energy, less stress, balanced hormones and more. Sign us up!

8. KALENJI Run Confort Women’s Running Shoes £49.99

These trainers are designed with beginners/ intermediates in mind; they provide excellent comfort and support for those who run three times a week for up to an hour each time. They come in black, light blue and this peachy magnolia, and only make a small Decathlon-shaped dent in your budget.

9. BAM Quarter Cropped Trainer Socks £18.50 for four

Ever got collared by a friend who is so keen to tell you in detail about how wonderful her socks are? No, we hadn’t too, until … Wham BAM, these came along! BAM’s bamboo socks are comfy, even after numerous washes (no stiffness EVER) and they’re breathable too. Get these for Christmas and risk becoming a sock eBAMgelist too.
Sizes 4-7

10. ZAAZEE Ariana Fitness Vest £38

Did you hear that? It was the sound of a fellow runner doing a low whistle of appreciation as you sprinted past them. No, she’s not admiring your cadence, she’s just seen the gorgeous back-strap detail on your Ariana vest. You can get 10% off all Zaazee tops with this exclusive discount code: ZZWRXMAS10

11. HARRIER Tube Scarf £6

Once the clocks change, some people can’t do without their tube scarf, and some even have an assortment of designs, weights and fabrics to choose from. These ones from Harrier are nice and thin, and perfect for runners to warm, wipe, protect and even disguise (we’re thinking just pull it up over the entire face and stand really still when you see the head of the PTA coming your way).

12. RUNDERWEAR Original Running Bra v5 £50

If you don’t know already what big fans we are of this running bra, you haven’t been reading properly! The newest version is more breathable and more comfy than ever before and it comes in the classic three Runderwear colours; pink, blue and black. Honestly, you never regret a Runderwear bra.
Sizes A-D

12. DELUSHIOUS Mixed Box £25.99 for 15 cakes

These scrumptious bars taste amazing and have 73% less sugar than standard equivalents, making them excellent nutrition on or after a run. The Sour Cherry Tiffin is one of the best things we’ve ever eaten – and we’ve eaten a lot.

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