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The Būband: a must-have accessory for larger-breasted runners?

Read Time:   |  October 7, 2016

The Būband a must have accessory for larger breasted runners?

When we first heard about the Būband – a product designed specifically for women who find their sport bras don’t provide them adequate support – we were keen to find out more and give it a test run.

As a female runner, you’ll often be told that the most important piece of running kit you can own, aside from your running shoes, is your sports bra. It’s vital for your running comfort and also for protecting your breasts. But what if it isn’t doing the job sufficiently? A study of 1,400 female marathon runners, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that almost two-thirds suffered breast pain while running, despite the fact that 90 per cent were wearing a sports bra.

For Canadian runner Lynne Koziey, she had this exact problem. Tired of having to wear two sports bras every time she went out running, after finding that no bra seemed to offer her the support she required, she decided to launch the Būband.

Designed with larger-breasted runners in mind, the band is worn in addition to your sports bra. It is put on around the waist via a hook-and-eye closure and is moved upwards to sit over the top of the sports bra, holding the breasts securely in place. It’s covered in soft, high-performance fabric, is breathable and designed to offer a chafe-free fit.

The design of the band was based on research by the University of Portsmouth, which highlighted where breast support is most needed. Researchers found that if the breasts are not properly supported across their mid and upper parts – precisely where the Būband is designed to be worn – women risk irreparably damaging the Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments, which form the internal structures of the breast, are largely responsible for preventing breast sagging and, when unsupported, can cause breast pain.

What did we think?

As a concept, we must admit, we were skeptical. If your sports bra isn’t adequately supportive when you run, it isn’t fitting correctly. We would advise you seek out a sports bra specialist, such as LessBounce, and follow its specific sizing guides to ensure you get the right size for you.

However, if you find you want extra stability – in addition to your correctly fitting sports bra – the Būband will almost certainly do the job, and is of particular value for larger-breasted runners.

Our commercial editor, Angelina Manzano, who tested the band, said:

“As someone with a D-cup, even a good sports bra can struggle with my cleavage but, after trying the Būband on my weekly club run, I definitely noticed a reduction in the bounce and discomfort that I would normally experience. However I did find it a little restrictive even though the fit was right, so probably not what you’d want if you’re chasing a PB, though it would be good for giving extra support in high-energy fitness classes.”

The Būband comes in five adjustable sizes from XS to XL and is sold online at

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