Brooks Dash 1/2 Zip running top review | Women's Running

Brooks Dash 1/2 Zip running top review

Read Time:   |  September 27, 2021

Esther tests out this super-soft running top from Brooks


BROOKS Dash 1/2 Zip running top | 50 | Tester: Esther Newman

This cosy and lightweight running top is perfect for chillier weather

Brooks half zip women's running top review

I love this top. I’ve had an older version for years now, which I’ve worn on pretty much all my important autumn/winter training runs and races, so I see it as my lucky top. I even picked it up at the last minute for a marathon last year, when all I’d trained in up to that point was short sleeved tops. On a rainy autumn day, it’s a no brainer for me. The older version I’ve been running in is incredibly soft – something I thought was the product of hundreds of washes, but more on that later – and the collar does a fantastic job of protecting my neck from chafing from my hydration pack on those longer runs.

This new one, to my honest shock, is even softer – and on day one too: the fabric is so skin-soft and snuggly, that I’m happy to wear this all day – it doesn’t feel like your average wicking tee, it’s not sharp or shiny, just super super soft. The fact that it’s recycled polyester is almost by-the-by: it’s already a superb top, the green creds are a nice additional merit mark for Brooks. The fabric is quite brilliantly in-betweeny too: perfect for layering over or under, and great for spring/autumn running, as I’ve discovered. The arm length is nice and long, too, speaking as someone with longer arms, and you’re rewarded with those all-important thumbholes, and get this, one of the wrists even includes a drop-in pocket that’s perfect for a cash card. Very thoughtful – something I’ve come to expect from apparel design from Brooks. Mine is in a pinky coral, but they are also available in a lovely range of juicy block colours. My only small reservation is that this is now a little shorter in the body, which I’m sure is a design decision to avoid the top from riding up, but I personally prefer a little extra length in the body – because that’s what I have.

Available in sizes XS-XXL

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Currently training for her second half marathon

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