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4 of the best (and free) podcasts to run to

Read Time:   |  June 17, 2019

best-podcasts-to-run-toInspiring, entertaining (and free) podcasts to keep you focused during each run, and encourage you to keep going.

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Running For Real

Tina Muir


The awe-inspiring Tina Muir and her guests are so engaging. This podcast is more than worthy of your time. Tina knows about running, and her bubbly personality and enthusiasm shine through the talks. These are down to earth interviews, which provide a lot of advice and motivation for runners of all abilities. If you’re new to podcasts, you will definitely take something from Running For Real. There is a wide range of topics covered, all issues we face as runners. An excellent podcast!


Run Selfie Repeat

Kelly Roberts


Inspiring runner Kelly Roberts shares a broad range of interesting and thought-provoking ideas in her Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast. You may find yourself with a renewed sense of purpose and acceptance, not just as a runner, but overall as a person. Subjects and themes explored include; grief and loss, ‘do what you’re bad at’ (encouraging you to take risks and step outside your comfort zone), resolutions, realistic and unrealistic goals, positive body image and talks with a sports psychologist.


I’ll Have Another

Lindsey Hein


Amazing runner and broadcaster Lindsey Hein hosts a series of conversations and interviews that leave you feeling inspired and entertained. Each episode features Lindsey talking to different friends, athletes, entrepreneurs, social justice seekers and comedians. The podcast is light and often funny but with a side of serious. With over 150 episodes to pick from there is sure to be one that interests you. From each one you will come away with a different way to look at things or a few new ideas.


Run To The Top: Beginners to Masters

Stephanie Atwood

This podcast brings a new, diverse subject to each of its approximately nine years’ worth of weekly episodes, so there is plenty there to interest anyone. Each episode brings you a subject explained by an expert, which can add depth to your understanding of the biology, chemistry, psychology and training theories of running. Prepare to discover subjects you have never even considered, which further enrich your running. 


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