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Achieve your goals with adidas FIT SMART

Read Time:   |  July 14, 2014

The most exciting premise of the Adidas FIT SMART training watch is that it aims to help people set and reach their weekly goals. The device is built to encourage runners to break down a big task, like ‘getting fit’, into bite-size, manageable ones.

Setting weekly goals initiates a change in mindset that results in much more successful, flexible and motivational personal training, says Mark Verstegen, founder of EXOS performance centre.

‘Who we are and how we perform are a direct reflection on our existing habits, so much that 90 per cent of our daily actions run from our sub-conscious. Creating weekly goals allows you to create winning rituals, which become new habits in weeks. In training terms, you are behaviorally upgrading your operating system and this builds your confidence and courage to be relentless in finding ways to continually upgrade yourself and your performance in the direction of your goals.’

bodycopypicadiFIT SMART stores up to ten hours of workout data and syncs with the adidas miCoach platform, using Bluetooth Smart, via the miCoach Train and Run app on the users mobile phone. From the app the user can customize wristband settings as well as access hundreds of free training plans created in partnership with the elite coaches at EXOS.

An LED light array provides at-a-glance visual guidance on the user’s current workout intensity that is presented in color zones: blue, green, yellow and red. Vibration and visual prompts provide feedback and coaching so the user can make the most out of every workout.

FIT SMART will be available in black and translucent white in two sizes and will be available from 15 August at and adidas Sports Performance stores.

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