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5 of the best running podcasts

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Read Time:   |  August 19, 2016

Running podcasts

If you find yourself a serial clock-watcher on your runs, a podcast is a great distraction tool – especially on a long training run. A recent study by Chris Friesen, a specialist in the field of sport and performance psychology, has found that running is the optimal time to learn new things, and that one of the best ways of maximising this is through listening to podcasts, so it’s a great learning opportunity, too! Whether you fancy learning something new, or just catching up on your favourite show, here are 5 great podcasts to listen to during your runs.

The Running Podcast

This monthly podcast is perfect for anyone looking to brush up on their running know-how. Each episode is packed full of interesting information and fascinating interviews with experts from the running world. All of this is interspersed with the best music to provide you with the perfect running tempo and, of course, plenty of motivation and encouragement to help you to achieve your running goals.

Running Stories Radio postcast

Lazy Girl Running

If you’re just starting out on your running journey, this is a great choice for you. Hosted by down-to-earth running gal Laura Fountain, each episode is packed full of great advice, with comment on everything from which shoes are best for you, to ‘beer-running’ with your friends! Following the story of a girl who skipped PE lessons and barely finished 800 metre races, this podcast follows Laura’s gradual transformation to an 11-time marathoner and Level 3 personal trainer. If she can do it, so can you!

Lazy GIrl Running_Acast podcast

EW’s Game of Thrones Weekly

Fancy getting into this highly-addictive HBO show? Hosted by James Hibberd, the infamous journalist who knew all about Jon Snow’s resurrection for MONTHS, each episode will not only satisfy your GoT craving, but also provide a great background on all you need to know about the Westeros universe for those long runs.

Game Of Thrones podcast_Acast


Still reeling after Serial? Then dive straight into this gripping podcast. Untold delves deep into the story of Daniel Morgan’s murder, addressing all aspects of the case – from the alleged police corruption to the following media cover-up. Hosted by screenwriter and journalist Peter Jukes, helped by Alastair Morgan, Daniel’s brother, this podcast will make you want to keep running further and further, just to find out a bit more…

Untold podcast_Acast

Food for Fitness

Whether you are just starting your fitness routine, or setting yourself a new goal, this podcast will help you in everything, from what you should eat, to getting motivated for that morning run and continuing on your wellbeing journey. The host’s personal charm, insightful advice and tonnes of experience will want you to keep listening and stick to your goals.Food for fitness podcast_Acast


All of these podcasts are available to download on Swedish podcasting platform Acast. Visit www.acast.com to download.

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