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Woman hits back at “idiot” van driver

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Lindsey Swift, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has posted an open letter on Facebook to the “idot” white van driver who heckled her about her weight while out running.

The twenty-six year-old, who is training for a 10K race, was out running with her boyfriend on Thursday 6 August when a male van driver slowed down to verbally abuse her about her weight. She told the BBC that the driver also sang “a sarcastic rendition of pop song Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) as he drove past”.

In the letter, Lindsey outwits the driver’s sarcasm, as she points satirically to his “incredibly witty repartee” and “observational comedy”.

Lindsey also told the BBC that she was embarrassed by the situation, and, in the letter, shares her concern for other “less confident” runners who would be put off running were they to receive such abuse, stating that “everyone starts somewhere.”

The post has been shared 5,260 times, with Facebook users posting comments in support of Lindsey’s retort.

Lindsey’s open letter:

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