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The Gore-Tex Transalpine Run 2015

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Jamie Aarons and Carrie Craig will be running in the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run in just four weeks time. After running in the event last year, the two girls are coming back for more – this year, with a few more miles under thier belts. Over the coming weeks, the two girls will be blogging about their training and will be reporting on their eight-day ultra adventure. This week, Jamie and Carrie tell us how their route to the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run first began…

We are Jamie Aarons and Carrie Craig, two 35-year old gals who are incredibly grateful for the opportunity offered to us by Gore Running Wear and Women’s Running Magazine to try our hands (legs, feet and friendship) at the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run 2015.

Originally from Northern California, Jamie has lived in Scotland for ten years and currently resides right next to the trails and hills outside of Glasgow. Jamie grew up as a competitive swimmer, which meant that she inherently didn’t like running! She slowly pounded pavements throughout University as a means of free fitness, but eventually discovered trail running in 2008 thanks to some incredibly welcoming like-minded runners.  That was pretty much the beginning of the end! Between the wonderful people she has met and the amazing places running has taken her she’s a little bit addicted.

Birthday Run continuing on Gore-Tex Scottish National Trail Oct 2014 Carrie (L) & Jamie (R)









Carrie is a Scottish lass, based in Edinburgh. Like Jamie (without the swimming part), she only took up running as a means of regaining some fitness following a lazy gap year. For a bit of motivation, and never one to do things by halves, the first running goal was a marathon.  It hurt. Lots. It wasn’t until joining a running club in 2006 that running became for enjoyment rather than punishment.  Several marathons and trail runs later, she decided to turn her decidedly ‘one gear’ running speed to ultras – and found the scenery, people, eating and distance suited very well.  Certainly now addicted given she is currently living in the French Alps to eat, sleep and breathe amongst the mountain trails!

We met on a 30-mile group ‘training run’ six years ago (in Scotland, think horizontal rain and headwinds in both directions) – the only two girls in a crowd of around 30 ultra-running guys. And we have been running and adventuring buddies ever since.  We are always looking for new challenges where annual leave and finances allow. We have a twice-annual birthday run where we run our age in miles (we are going to have to break up when we get really old), and can often be spotted on the West Highland Way trail in the middle of December, crunching through miles of snow, motivated by the prospect of curry and wine at the finish.

So what exactly is the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run? And why are we doing it?

Birthday Run at the start of the Gore-Tex Scottish National Trail Jamie (L) Carrie (R)









On 29 August 2015 (less than 4 weeks to go – yikes!) more than 300 teams of two from over 20 countries will run for eight days through four different countries, covering a distance of 268 km and a terrifying 16,310m of elevation gain – and an equal amount of knee-wobbling descent. The scenery will of course be stunning, but we will be in the hands of the mountain weather gods throughout.

Our route to the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run (TAR) started last year, when we were selected from a pool of applicants (read: nutcases) to try their luck at gaining an entry. Jamie saw the application online and instantly thought of Carrie; together it took us about 2.2 milliseconds to agree that attempting the TAR in the rather immediate future was just about the most ridiculous idea we’d had in a while. And we’ve had our fair share of ridiculous ideas over the years we’ve been friends! So there was absolutely no question that we had to try! With only four weeks between selection and the race last year, we were enthusiastic participants but we hadn’t trained specifically for the mountains. We’re coming at this year’s event with equal enthusiasm and a few more miles of ascent in the legs (more about our training later), along with some serious hope that the magic that helped get us through the 1000s of metres of descent last year is with us again in 2015!

Day 4 TAR 2014 Start Jamie (L) & Carrie (R)









The best thing about the TAR has to be the people and camaraderie. For those of you who have run an ultra you will already know how friendly the sport is. On a long, multi-day and paired event, it really does start to feel like a family, with days spent together on the trails and evenings afterwards sharing stories. Running as a pair is a unique experience: looking out for each other during the highs and lows; keeping on top of nutrition and hydration; and working together throughout.

And the great thing about having a like-minded running buddy is that there is someone with whom you can have endless pre-race kit and packing discussions! In our next instalment, we’ll share some of the key pieces of kit we wouldn’t want to be without, along with some of our favourite training experiences in the build up to this year’s big event!

We’ll be blogging our adventures as we go, thanks to Women’s Running and Gore, and hope to keep you entertained and inspired throughout!

Happy running

Jamie & Carrie

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