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Spectacular Santa run fun!

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Read Time:   |  December 23, 2015

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Really, what could be more festive then meeting up with lots of other like-minded folk, donning a Santa suit and running around the streets shouting ‘Merry Christmas’ to one and all? On Sunday, I took part in the Portsmouth Santa Run with a group of friends from my running club – our mission was to forget minutes per mile and focus on fun.

It’s really important for us human beings to come together at certain times of the year. We’re all incredibly busy, the weeks, months and seasons fly past us – but sometimes you have to hit the pause button and take a break from your schedule. Community runs such as the Santa runs let you get together and run together just before the real Christmas frenzy starts.

Fewer people today visit churches or celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, but winter runs that are low key, non-competitive (well, we say this but there are always a few people who want to be the fastest Santa in town) are the perfect chance to jog along and chat. Maybe we should think of them as urban/suburban/trail outdoor churches, where merry souls can come together, let off some steam in the crazy run up to the day and just make our spirits brighter.

We were incredibly lucky in Portsmouth on Sunday as our unseasonably mild weather held out and not a drop of rain was felt. Over 3,500 runners of all ages, sizes and abilities took part in the 5K or 10K option, including dogs, buggies and children on scooters. You couldn’t get a better community event aimed at families with the aim of everyone celebrating sport together.

It must be the strangest sight if you happen to be out walking your dog on a Sunday mornin,  and thousands of Santas are running towards you – it’s such a happy spectacle to see. Some runners took their fancy dress seriously and adorned their outfits with extra decoration, or chose to run with sacks of presents on their backs.

Our Santa run on the south coast is untimed – it’s just about fun, and there’s plenty of entertainment en route to distract everyone who turns up with a sore head from last night’s office party.

You also get an awesome medal to take home and hang upon your Christmas tree.

Believe and Achieve Portsmouth RNLI Santa 5K and 10k races are held in aid of the RNLI Lifeboat Station in Portsmouth. For more information visit: fitprorob.biz

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