Race Review: Brutal Women Only 10K Mud Run

A new women only mud-race

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  April 25, 2016

Becky Russell, Race Planner at AAT-Events, started running to keep up fitness and, before she knew it, she was working with the team behind Brutal 10 to plan events  including the UK’s first ever 10K women only mud-run, Brutal Women Only. She talks to WR about running, race planning and why mud runs are a hit with female runners.

How did you get into running?
I got into running just as a way of keeping fit really and then I met these four guys who organise the Brutal Runs and started working with them.

Have you taken part in any races this year? 
I’ve taken part in a few races so far this year. The races I run tend to be muddy and hilly so I don’t get fast results, but I have a great time!

What do you love about competing in running events?
I love catching up with running friends, the anticipation of a race start, and the fact that you have such a great variety of people from different backgrounds taking part in running events.


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How does being a runner help you to plan your events?
I think being a runner helps you know what other runners might look for. Stuff that I enjoy feeds into what I hope other women will enjoy in our women-only run.

Mud races seem to be growing in popularity, why do you think that is?
I think mud running is something that welcomes lots of different type of people whether you’re a newbie runner or an elite race, whether you’re running for charity, running as team, running for a time for a time or you’re just running to have fun.

Brutal 10 already organises eight other races. What inspired you to create a women’s only race?
We noticed that there was a growing trend in America and we’re always looking out for the next best thing. Our events are really popular with women and we really wanted to create an event that focused on the elements women really enjoyed [in our races]. Our event will be the first women only 10K mud-run in the UK so that’s really exciting.

“These events will make you wish you had never taken up exercise”. That’s what you say and it sounds both terrifying and challenging. What obstacles await our runners?
All our obstacles are natural obstacles; all our courses are based on army land so it’s tough terrain. There’ll be wading through lakes, lots of mud and lots of tough hill climbs. While we’re creating an event for women we’re not backing off from the challenge element of the event. It will be a tough, brutal course.

What is the ideal training preparation for a mud race?
I think in terms of preparation, it’s good to be running with your friend so we would encourage people to create teams. And running with your friends just means that you’ll have a great experience and you’ve got something you can share with your friends or women in your family. And the boys are welcome to come along to spectate of course. And I think perhaps an old set of trainers rather than your new shiny ones.

What advice would you give someone trying to tackle a mud run for the first time?
It’s for people to make of it what they want – we’ve got a live DJ, we’ve got easy parking and catering so it’s about a fantastic morning experience. People are welcome to complete the course as fast as they want to, so if you want to go for your best then perfect go for it. But equally, if you just want to have a great experience and have a fun time out on the course with your friends, then fantastic.

Lastly, during a race, you’re wet, tired and muddy: how do you keep going?
We have got a very ‘blingy’ medal so that should inspire anybody to reach the finish line. And what an achievement to have felt tired on the course but then to finish the route, to finish the course and to finish up with your friends and get your medal and listen to the DJ. Nothing feels better than that sense of achievement and that’s what we want to give people.


The Brutal 10 ‘Brutal Women-Only’ race will be on January 24th 2015 at Longvalley, Hampshire GU11 2HL. For more information, including how to register, visit

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