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What are you supposed to do if you get a niggling injury in lockdown?

Read Time:   |  April 24, 2020

Book an appointment with a virtual physio, that’s what.

Women’s Running are beset with niggles and injuries. We’re a few weeks into lockdown, and virtual bootcamps and solo running have become the norm. But the other thing that’s become the norm is terrible posture, no walk-to-work commuting and no school runs. So while we’ve got used to burpees and planks in our living rooms, it’s not doing much to combat the drastically more sedentary lifestyles that we find ourselves coping with.

This means that three of us – and counting – have all fallen victim to small injuries that we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t have had were we all walking and running around a bit more. Between us we’ve got one partially slipped disc, a grumbling ITB and an achilles issue. And there’s probably more to come.

But without access to our usual physio, what are we to do? Go virtual, of course.

Ascenti, the UK’s biggest physio group, have embraced the virtual world, and have launched an integrated virtual physio app. Launched this week, they’re offering a 20% discount for everyone. And along with one-to-one sessions to check on injuries and niggles, they’re also offering vital home office health checks to make sure you’re not slumped over your desk like a banana.

What’s more they’re offering FREE sessions for the over 65s and NHS workers – what legends.

So how does it work? We gave it a try and it was pretty simple actually. We were emailed a quick how-to so we could log on to the app, which took a matter of seconds, and then we were given an appointment time that suited us. We had a half hour call with the very lovely Jamie who listened to us bang on about that ITB issue at considerable length (dunno about you, but I see physio time as counselling time – poor physios…). He was patient, totally understanding and didn’t tell me off for running when I should have been resting. He carefully explained how the ITB works and why mine wasn’t working as it should be.

Then – and here was the clever bit – Jamie emailed me after the session with a precis of what we’d talked about and how he’d suggested I move forward and get back into running. Alongside this was a link to five short videos with exercises clearly demonstrated to get this angry ITB back in full working order.

If you have a niggle, you should always have a chat with a physio before it becomes anything more severe. And going virtual is the ideal way to ensure you’re not running through injury and making things worse. Find out more here.

For more tips and advice check out the Ascenti Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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