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We hear from you: Women’s Running Virtual Challenges

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  August 6, 2020

'I loved doing the 100km challenge. It was a reason to get out of the door and run'

Back in May, we were proud to launch our fun virtual challenges, designed to motivate our amazing runners as well as give something back to the NHS and our partner charity Bath Mind.

Our first set of virtual challenges were designed with lockdown life in mind. They could be completed in your garden or up and down your stairs! The first five challenges were:

10k Garden Challenge
Ben Nevis Stair Climb
Scafell Pike Stair Climb
Snowdon Stair Climb
Slieve Donard Stair Climb

Then, seeing your amazing response, we decided to up the stakes and add a few more. These included:

5k in a Day
Half Marathon
Multi-Day Marathon
100k in 30 Days

Women's Running Virtual Challenge Medals

Your response to these challenges has been wonderful, with many of you claiming the signature eco-friendly, high-quality wooden medals, made from sustainable wood in local Scottish forests.

2020 Women's Running Virtual Challenges

One of our determined winners was Bobbie, who had this to say of our 100k challenge:

“I loved doing the 100km challenge. It was a reason to get out of the door and run, especially on days like today when it was drizzling and windy. Just me, the wind, the sun (rain), my panting, the birds and (sometimes) a dog.”

“I work in an old folks home and each run lately has been a chance to re-charge the batteries and re-set my brain so every shift I’m unfailing cheerful and positive. It’s the least I can do for our clients.”

“As the famous Caroline Tayler once said “We run because we look good, we feel good and we still can”. And we do a bit of good for the charity.”

Ben Nevis Virtual Challenge

We also heard from Emma, who completed the Ben Nevis challenge. She said of the challenge:

“I took part as it gave me something to work towards. A lot of races I had entered were cancelled due to Covid-19 so this challenge gave me something to aim for. I enjoyed doing it but I was surprised how hard it was and it took me longer than I had expected. I’m glad I did it though and I would like to do another.”

Karen with her virtual three-peak medal stash

Another brave runner took on three of the four stair climb challenges, taking on the three peaks from her own home.

“I fancied doing the stair climbs as it was a bit different from just a virtual race,” said the brilliant Karen. “I’ve always wanted to do the 3 peaks anyway, so doing all three stair climbs on one day seemed like a good alternative! I thought I’d do them in the order of Ben Nevis, Scafell, and Snowdon last. I thought I’d be in agony about half way “up” Ben Nevis, but actually I was fine for all of it. Starting Scafell was a little bit painful but fine once I’d loosened up. Snowdon really hurt! I had come downstairs backwards for half of it as my knees had had enough of forwards! It was good fun though, and it was great to have something a bit different to do. According to my family I’m mad…”

With 15% of all profits being spilt between the NHS and Bath Mind, these challenges are doing as much good for deserving causes as they are for your 2020 motivation.

If you want to get involved, sign up to earn your medals here.

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Esther Newman

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