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Join One Run, the first truly global event every human can be part of

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  November 20, 2020

One Run want to see the whole world running in this special relay event

We spoke to Danny Bent, the founder of One Run, to talk to him about this very special event. At the beginning of the year, Danny was in the middle of organising the World Relay – a global run that involved the passing of a physical baton from person to person around the world.

With the emergence of the pandemic, however, his ambitions for the project were shelved. But, never one to sit on his laurels, Danny started thinking about other ways in which he could bring people together, particularly after the events of 2020.

Danny launched One Run, with the aim of collecting runners in every single country of the world to run a virtual relay, and he’s asking us to join him. The idea is to run, or walk, or move in some way from 7pm to 8pm on December 10th – and that’s it.

Simply move

“It’s a very simple concept,” he told us. “On Dec 10th it’s Human Rights Day. And the idea is that we’re asking people to run at 7pm their local time for an hour. By the time you reach 8pm, the next time zone is kicking in. So it’s a world relay.”

And the goal is almost in sight, too: “We’re at 183 countries right now; we’re 12 short of the 195 countries that the UN recognises.” He’s found stumbling blocks in countries such as Iran, North Korea and Cuba, but even here he’s making inroads, and is hoping to find at least one runner in each location.

“The idea is that we’re finish a year where we’ve been polarised,” he explains, “And we’re going to finish it on a high.” In so doing, One Run is fundraising for charities it feels matches its ambition. “We’re supporting charities that are combatting injustice and inequality, and work towards ending discrimination.” These include No Bully, No H8, Unicef, Know Your Rights Camp and Do Something.

Danny has found that this one simple concept has gained more traction than he could have possibly hoped for. “No one I speak to doesn’t want to be involved! Whether they’re an activist, an Olympic athlete or a celebrity.” In part this is down to its inclusivity, as he explains: “It is a running event, and we want people to move from 7pm-8pm, but you can walk it, or you can just move your body for that hour. We want this event to be open to every human. Do whatever feels like an achievement to you.”

Brilliant. So how do we sign up? “You just go to the website. You pop yourself on the map where we’re almost at 5000 people now. It costs £12, and that gets you a medal that we post out to anywhere in the world. You can also sign up for free, if you’d prefer, but you don’t get the medal. We’re starting in Kiribati, a group of islands in the Pacific, and American Samoa is the last hour of the 24 hours. During those 24 hours we’ve got a whole host of celebrities and activists, who will be hosting an hour, doing podcasts, playing music, there will be giveaways, and live streaming throughout the 24 hours.”

Danny will be running from 7pm-8pm too, and now’s your chance to join him. And us! Fancy being a part of the Women’s Running team as we take on our hour for One Run? Join our team here, let us know when you’ve joined up, and let’s all run together!

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